How did I get here?

I am sitting in my childhood bedroom as this question runs through my mind.

Five years ago, I graduated High School with good grades, decent friends, and a whole lot of ambition. I had followed all the rules. Never gotten a detention, never smoked, never even had an alcoholic drink. If you looked up, “possibly one of the most boring individuals in the world, but also likely to succeed and go far in life,” a picture of me in all my geeky glory would have been right there next to it. I got into one of the best schools in the country, with an academic scholarship, and set out to start my life as an adult.

But that was then, now I’m going to school part time at a local community school, living with my parents, working for my dad part time because no one else will hire and it’s better than smelling like burgers. I can’t make it through the week with out therapy and I can’t make it through the day without anti depressants.

If it weren’t for my mother, there would probably be days when I wouldn’t even get out of bed.

How did my life come to this. I don’t know if your reading this, or if you’ve ever been there, but if you’d like to find out the answer, keep reading.

What do you do when you have no idea where your life is going?

If you have the answer, let me know.

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