When I first decided to take a medical leave from school, still one of the hardest and scariest decisions in my life, there was one thing that kept coming up in conversation with every one around me. Everyone thought I should take up yoga. They told me it would help me relax, distress and feel better. My sister the science teacher, and Elle woods, reminded me that exerciser released endorphins and endorphins make you happy. Yep, everyone told me to do yoga. There was just one problem, I hated yoga.

Every time I tried it, I was reminded that I was a uncoordinated, inflexible, out of shape girl with zero balance. The idea of being in a room full of experienced, coordinated women with yoga bodies whom I was sure would be judging me made me feel physically ill. My family and friends, most of whom wanted to help but didn’t know how, were insistent that I give it a chance.

So, like any self respecting millennial, I checked out the app store. I turned out that there was an app with a bunch of yoga workout tutorials I could do at home, away from judgmental eyes. I followed the workouts, mostly to put an end to everyone’s instance that I try it out. Unfortunately, I actually started to like doing the workouts and had to eat crow.

So did yoga help with my mental health? In the end I think it did, but so did owning a cat.

What do you do when you have no idea where your life is going?

If you have the answer, let me know.

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