I have no idea who, why or where it was said, but somebody somewhere once said that everybody needs a hobby. When you have no idea what your next step is, hobbies become very important. They give you something to do, some sense of purpose, one more reason to get up and face the world.

For me, it is books and baking. If you are a reader, you know that getting into a good book is an incredible feeling. You get so caught up in the story, that for a little while your reality fades away. That old proverb, when you see another persons problems your own don’t seem to bad, it has meaning. Whether its a boy wizard or a hobbit, focusing on someone else’s trouble for even a few moments can be a very welcome break on a particularly bad day.

As for baking, that kind of happened by accident. My nephew is severely allergic to nuts, and guess what, they are everywhere. Even the stuff with no nuts is made with equipment that makes stuff with nuts. So when your a loving aunt who sees a little boy staring at a desert table and being told you can’t eat any of it, you have to fix it.

So I started making cookies from scratch. Eventually, it branched out from chocolate chip cookies, to sugar and now I can even whip up some mean cupcakes. The process for me is also a bit therapeutic. Baking is a very precise, step by step formula, unlike cooking you have to follow the recipe. For me that repetition brings me great comfort when I feel extreme emotion. Just need to add a few extra crutches to my morning routine.

What do you do when you have no idea where your life is going?

If you have the answer, let me know.

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