I have wanted to write this particular post for some time, but was scared I would not do it justice. However, I have been getting angrier and angrier about the way people talk about medication and mental health.

First I need to say that I am not a doctor, scientist or any kind of medical professional.

What I am is a person who struggles with PTSD, Moderate Reoccurring Depression, and Anxiety. I have struggled with an eating disorder in my youth and have seriously contemplated and even attempted suicide on multiple occasions since the age of 12.

It was not until I started to take medication that I began to really get better.

I went to therapy, which I still do regularly and highly encourage. I found a support network, and that helped a lot. But you could not call what I was doing living, more like barely functioning. When my therapist first brought up the idea of medication, every one around me had something to say.

If I had had a heart condition, no one would have said to take natural supplements.

If I had cancer, no one would have told me to just exercise more.

If I needed glasses, no one would have told me it was all in my head.

If I had broken my arm, no one would have warned me that a cast would make me even worse.

These are all things that were told to me by people who were trying to help, but in reality they were killing me. It took me years before I was willing to take medication, during which I attempted suicide twice, because of what I was constantly told by well meaning people.

So I will leave you with this dear reader, if someone you love starts talking about taking medication to help with their mental health, unless you are a medical professional, keep your mouth shut. Your good intentions could be doing more damage than you realize.

What do you do when you have no idea where your life is going?

If you have the answer, let me know.

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