Doing Nothing

Doing nothing. That sounds so simple doesn't it? In fact, there are people who work hard all day, everyday, nonstop who would give anything just to be able to do nothing for a few hours. I am not one of those people. Having nothing to do is incredible difficult for me. Just guessing, after reading … Continue reading Doing Nothing

Sometimes You Need a Break

All my life I have been a high achiever. In high school one teacher called me the energizer bunny, because I was an officer in two clubs, made the honor role, took a bunch of AP classes and did a serous amount of charity work. I was that annoying kid who looked down at others … Continue reading Sometimes You Need a Break

What’s Wrong with Me?

What's wrong with me? I think everyone has asked themselves that at one point or another. I certainly asked it of my self often enough, especially during those awkward teenage years. Fortunately, or unfortunately, what is wrong with me can actually be diagnosed. I have PTSD, or Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, moderate reoccurring depression, and … Continue reading What’s Wrong with Me?