Cereal For Ducks

When I was little, my mother would buy cereal for ducks.

We were not allowed to eat cereal, every morning it was either plain oatmeal or if dad was cooking eggs. There was to much sugar in those cereals for us kids, no matter how much we begged. It drove us crazy that she would buy this boxes of fruit loops, captain crunch and coco puffs, let them go stale, then feed them to birds. Why did she even bother to buy the cereal in the first place.

When the weather was nice, she would take us down to the lake to throw cereal to the ducks and watch the sunset.  She would talk to us kids indivdually, ask us about our days, tell us stories about her childhood, make up stories about the ducks swimming by.

Eventually, our complaining about the cereal began to wear her down, and we fed them less and less. One day I realized that we had not watched the sun sett on the lake for years. I was no longer teased by the sweet sugar filled cereal I was never allowed to eat. We had gotten what we had said we wanted.

And yet, I would give up a great deal to go back in time, and sit with my mother on those rocks.

What do you do when you have no idea where your life is going?

If you have the answer, let me know.

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